14 Days of Ravishing Red! — Day 13 (Actually Day 14): Reddish Fuchsia Lips With Bite Beauty Kimchi and Cayenne Lipsticks

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  • February 15, 2018

bite beauty cayenne kimchi swatch

I realized JUST RIGHT NOW that I accidentally repeated “Day 7” of this series twice, which is what I get for staying up late to watch Altered Carbon on Netflix. Note to self: go to bed earlier, K-Dawg! Lack of sleep depletes your math skillz.

Sci-fi fans, check out Altered Carbon

Yeah, so this is technically the 14th edition of 14 Days of Ravishing Red, not the 13th. Whoops!

With it being V-Day and all, I wanted to wear a red lip today, but not just a lip with a hint of red, or a tint of red, or a sheer gloss of red. But a RED red.

But I was also in the mood for fuchsia. I looked around and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, so I mixed a fuchsia lipstick with a neutral red (Bite Beauty Kimchi Lipstick and Cayenne Lipstick, which are $18 each) to get exactly what I wanted.

bite beauty cayenne kimchi swatch

bite beauty cayenne kimchi swatch

I wore this this afternoon at home, and now I’m taking it off before heading to my workout class. No big Valentine’s Day excitement around these parts because it’s a work/school night, but El Hub and I made a date to go to the movies soon.

Hope you’re having a good night, whatever you’re up to.

I hope this series inspired you to wear red on your lips 💋 in some form or fashion, or at least got ya thinking about wearing red lips sometime soon.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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