3 Things to Know About New MAC Studio Waterweight Concealer

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  • February 13, 2018

mac studio waterweight concealer
New MAC Studio Waterweight concealer is $23 a pop and comes in 16 shades.

1. Gosh, this is a comfy concealer!

MAC Studio Waterweight is MAC’s new lightweight medium-coverage matte finish liquid concealer (which you can build up to full). It has a thin, watery formula of the type that has become over the past few years, like Dior Nude Air and Shiseido Sync Synchro Skin, except with more coverage.

If you crave moderate coverage and a matte finish, and you don’t like your face to feel painted and “makeup-y,” check it out. You can set it with a powder or leave it alone.

Out the gate, Studio Waterweight provides more coverage than other MAC medium-coverage concealers like Select Cover-up and Select Moisturecover, but slightly less coverage than full-coverage Pro Longwear and Studio Finish. But you can build it up to full.

“MAC STUDIO WATERWEIGHT CONCEALER is an ultra-fluid formula with medium-full buildable coverage and a natural finish. While it hydrates and gently diffuses the appearance of imperfections, it also helps reduce the appearance of under eye circles, dark spots and discolouration.”


2. Not the best concealer for dry skin…

It looks fresh for a solid six hours on my combination skin and covers almost everything, from my dark circles to uneven pigmentation, without oxidizing, and it doesn’t pool up in my fine lines, buuut it does. Not. Cooperate. With. Dry. Skin.

Even if your skin is just the teeniest bit dry.

mac studio waterweight concealer review 1
Here’s what NW30 (used as an under-eye concealer) and NC42 (worn on my cheeks and around my nose and my mouth as a foundation) looks like after applying it first thing in the morning. I’m not wearing any setting powder, either, just the concealer on its own. (I am wearing blush, highlighter and bronzer on my cheeks, though.)
mac studio waterweight concealer review 2
The concealer after 6 hours…
mac studio waterweight concealer review 3
After 11 hours…

Wearing this, the dry parts of my combo skin, especially the areas under my eyes and around my mouth, look even drier than usual IMO, and the longer I wear Studio Waterweight, the worse those dry areas look. They become patchier, flakier and look more uneven. And layering a powder on top seems to intensify the effect.

3. Works well in concealer cocktails

I haven’t been reaching for this to wear on its own because of the dry skin issue; however, I like how it mixes with liquid foundation, tinted moisturizer, and even face moisturizers, which I’ve been doing to bump up the coverage and moisture. It does seem to be less drying when I’ve mixed it with something else, and it still adds enough coverage without feeling or looking heavy.

mac studio waterweight before and after
This is what MAC Studio Waterweight concealer looks like after 11 hours…

Ideal for normal and oily skin

Studio Waterweight is one of the lightest, MOST comfortable concealers in the MAC concealer fam, and it comes in a pretty wide 16 shade range. The color also stays true with little-to-no oxidation (always a good thing), and if you have oily or normal skin and want flexible coverage and a matte finish, it could work for you. That said, I’d proceed with caution if your skin is even a little bit dry…

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