5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

lemon in purse
When life literally gives you lemons…

1. Finding weird, random presents in my purse

Like this 👆 lemon 🍋, which mysteriously appeared in my Kate Spade this morning.

2. Weezer’s cover of Africa

I’ve been driving around town a little more than usual this week, and every time I’ve turned on the radio in the car, this song has been playing.

I freakin’ love it! I hear it more now than I heard the O.G. version in the ’80s, LOL.

3. This water bottle

Otherwise known as “My Terrific Temperature-Trusting Carafe.” It’s by a company called Swell, and it keeps drinks hot or cold for a reeeeeeeeeally long time. Easily all day.

swell water bottle
This thing is swell!

I put some TJ’s pink lemonade in it last Saturday (side note: their pink lemonade is the best! Not too sweet, and it’s very lemony.), and it stayed ice cold for nine hours.

4. Baked oatmeal

SO delish. I know it ain’t pretty in this pic, but I was hungry and couldn’t wait to dig in.

baked oatmeal
All kinds of yum

I made it last night and riffed off of this recipe using fruit I had on hand (pears, apples and strawberries), and when it came out of the oven it smelled like a fruit cobbler…so I cut off a piece and ate it with ice cream!

This morning I warmed another piece up in the microwave, then added a big splash and a half of vanilla protein (I like this one I get from Costco). Connor likes hers with almond milk.

After we finish this pan, I’m gonna make another with blueberry and peaches.

5. Stretching for 10 minutes in the morning

I’ve been doing this all week, and I feel like an entirely new girl. It really makes a difference.

What have been you loving lately? (It doesn’t have to be five things!)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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